Short summary about (IM) was first launched in 2009 to provide inspiring and actionable knowledge to businesses and individuals looking to increase their innovation capabilities. Over the years it has evolved from a small online magazine with an audience based mostly in Western Europe to a resource and learning platform with over 3,000 articles and an impressive growing global audience. IM also collaborates with educational institutions and industry leaders on projects such as research, training and online forums.

What does management innovation mean to

Management innovation is the process of continuously improving the tools, methods and processes that leaders use to organize, coordinate and motivate.

Why does think it's important to innovate management principles and practices?

Humankind and the societies we co-create are constantly evolving. New strategies and technologies are also developing faster than ever. So must the tools and methodologies we use to manage them. Businesses that do not innovate their management practices will be left

Why does think it's important to offer recognition to management pioneers?

Recognition is a powerful motivator. It also helps to highlight the best examples for the next generation of trailblazers.

Pawel Kadysz

Annemie Ress Founder@PurpleBeach People&Innovation

Taylor Jackson

Annicken R. Day Founder, CEO and Culture Strategist@ Corporate Spring

Jack Lee

Gergely Hodicska VP of Engineering @ Ustream (an IBM company)

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Dr. József Poór, DSc. President @ Hungarian Association of HR Professionals, University Professor

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Kim Spinder Pirate and Innovator @ Avanteers

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