Short summary about Captain?

We with the Captain Hungary provide innovative competency tools, internationally and locally approved assessment methods and variously adoptable solutions in realizing harmony of the organizational- and individual purposes. Our products and the related services have been supported by the latest technology solutions since our beginnings. For example we were the first in Hungary (and among the leaders in the world) to deploy fully Internet-based computerized testing.

What does management innovation mean to Captain?

Since 1999 we assisted several hundred organizations of different types in Hungary and conducted about 100,000 assessments with the CAPTain Online Test System. Our customers include a wide range of companies, such as HR departments of multinationals, executives of small businesses, training or coaching companies, personal- and organizational consultants, and they are different, but common in openness for technological advancement, and in looking for innovative and state-of-the-art solutions of the people management.

Why does Captain think it's important to innovate management principles and practices?

Our history so far also strengthens us in our commitment to continuous innovation,which enables us to meet our customers’ requirements in an ever-increasing quality in more and more areas, while we can also improve cost-efficiency. In my understanding innovation means a kind of similar capacity for survival in the business like in the nature, and therefore it receives top priority in management principles and practices. Namely this capacity or in other words readiness for change of an organization makes possible its adaptation to the fast changing environment and business success. It’s not an accident that recently the change management programs enjoy popularity in the organizational development, and also became a key competence skills (it’s also called agility ) for the manager, which we also assess with the help of CAPTain Online.

Why does Captain think it's important to offer recognition to management pioneers?

We’ve been knowing each other with the founders of Management Innovator Society since the very beginning and highly appreciate their activities, and when we heard about this new initiative, it was no question for us to join them as a partner and support the Management Innovation Awards.

Pawel Kadysz

Annemie Ress Founder@PurpleBeach People&Innovation

Taylor Jackson

Annicken R. Day Founder, CEO and Culture Strategist@ Corporate Spring

Jack Lee

Gergely Hodicska VP of Engineering @ Ustream (an IBM company)

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Dr. József Poór, DSc. President @ Hungarian Association of HR Professionals, University Professor

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Kim Spinder Pirate and Innovator @ Avanteers

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